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Atac în Egipt, musulmanii au ucis 21 creştini,  ştirea asta circulă pe toate saiturile de ştiri, dar pe blocu lu sacsiv nu apare deloc. Trebuie ascunse aceste crime că doar saccsiv este prietenul musulmanilor şi al Iranului ţară săracă care este paşnică şi nu construieşte rachete nucleare, desigur musulmanii şi saccsiv sunt uniţi prin profeţiile lor şi că avertizează lumea în legătură cu satana de UE , cipuri, Israel, femei, franc-masonerie şi jidovi.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Christians clashed with Egyptian police in the northern city of Alexandria on Saturday, furious over an apparent suicide bombing against worshippers leaving a New Year’s Mass at a church that killed at least 21 people. It was the worst violence against the country’s Christian minority in a decade.

The Interior Ministry blamed „foreign elements,” and the Alexandria governor accused al-Qaida, pointing to the terror network’s branch in Iraq, which has carried out a string of attacks on Christians there and has threatened Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Christian community as well.

Egypt’s government has long insisted that the terror network does not have a significant presence in the country, and it has never been conclusively linked to any attacks here. If al-Qaida was involved, it raises the prospect of a serious new security threat within Egypt.

President Barack Obama condemned „this barbaric and heinous act” and said those behind it must be brought to justice.

The bombing, about a half hour after the stroke of the New Year, stoked tensions that have grown in recent years between Egypt’s Christians and the Muslim majority.

It was dramatically different from past attacks on Christians, which included shootings but not serious bombings, much less suicide attacks. Christians have increasingly blamed the government for not taking violence against them or anti-Christian sentiment among Muslim hard-liners seriously.

In the wake of the New Year’s bombing, they unleashed their rage at authorities.

„Now it’s between Christians and the government, not between Muslims and Christians,” shrieked one Christian woman as several hundred young men clashed with helmeted riot police in the street outside the targeted church hours after the blast. As the rioters threw stones and bottles, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse them. Some of the protesters beat Muslim passers-by.

Nearly 1,000 Christians were attending the midnight Mass at the Saints Church in the Mediterranean port of Alexandria, said Father Mena Adel, a priest at the church. The service had just ended, and some worshippers were leaving the building when the bomb went off about a half hour after midnight, he said.

„The last thing I heard was a powerful explosion and then my ears went deaf,” Marco Boutros, a 17-year-old survivor, said from his hospital bed. „All I could see were body parts scattered all over — legs and bits of flesh.”

Blood splattered the facade of the church, a painting of Jesus inside, and a mosque across the street. The blast mangled at least six cars on the street, setting some ablaze. As bodies were taken away after daybreak, some in the congregation waved white sheets with the sign of the cross emblazoned on them with what appeared to be the victim’s blood.

Health Ministry spokesman Abdel-Rahman Shahine said the death toll stood at 21, with 97 wounded, almost all Christians. Among the wounded were the three policemen and an officer guarding the church.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that it was likely the blast was detonated by a suicide bomber and that the attack probably involved „foreign elements.” Investigators were examining two heads found at the site on suspicion at least one was the bomber, the state news agency MENA reported.

Al-Qaida in Iraq has made a series of threats against Christians. The latest just before Christmas led the Iraqi Christian community to cancel most holiday festivities. After militants attacked a church in Baghdad in October and killed 68 people, it threatened more attacks and linked the violence to two Egyptian Christian women who reportedly converted to Islam in order to get divorces, which are prohibited by the Coptic Church.

The women have since been secluded by the Church, prompting repeated protests by Islamic hard-liners in Egypt accusing the Church of imprisoning the women and forcing them to renounce Islam, a claim the Church denies.

The last major terror attacks in Egypt were between 2004-2006, when bombings — including some by suicide attackers — hit three tourist resorts in the Sinai peninsula, killing 125 people. Those attacks initially raised allegations of an al-Qaida role. But the government has insisted local extremists were to blame.

While the government has denied an al-Qaida presence, Egypt does have a rising movement of Islamic hard-liners who, while they do not advocate violence, adhere to an ideology similar in other ways to al-Qaida. There have been fears they could be further radicalized by sectarian tensions.

Alexandria, the famed city of antiquity which a century ago Egypt’s most cosmopolitan city with a mix of Muslims, Christians and foreigners, has become a stronghold for Islamic hard-liners the past decade. Stabbings at three Alexandria churches in 2006 sparked three days of Muslim-Christian riots that left at least four dead, though it’s seen little violence since.

Hours after Saturday’s blast, President Hosni Mubarak went on state TV and vowed to track down those behind the attack saying: „We will cut off the hands of terrorists and those plotting against Egypt’s security.”

Aiming to calm sectarian tension, he said the attack targeted „all Egypt” and that „terrorism does not distinguish between Copt and Muslim.”

Egypt’s top Muslim leaders also expressed their condolences and solidarity with Christians, and the biggest fundamentalist opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned the bombing. Dozens of Christians and Muslims held solidarity marches near the site and in Cairo, and some chanted slogans against Mubarak.

But many Christians in Alexandria were seething. Soon after the explosion, youths clashed with police, chanting, „With our blood and soul, we redeem the cross,” witnesses said. Some broke in to the nearby mosque, throwing books into the street and sparking stone- and bottle-throwing clashes with Muslims, an AP photographer at the scene said.

Police fired tear gas to break up the clashes. But in the afternoon, new violence erupted in a street between the church and the affiliated Saints Hospital. Some of the young protesters waved kitchen knives. One, his chest bared and a large tattoo of a cross on his arm, was carried into the hospital with several injuries from rubber bullets.

Later, hundreds gathered at an Alexandria monastery for funerals of the victims, chanting „Mubarak, the Copts’ blood is boiling,” and „we will no longer be afraid, we will no longer submit” as they waved crosses. Many shouted for the resignation of Alexandria’s governor, Adel Labib.

Christians, mainly Orthodox Copts, are believed to make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s mainly Muslim population of nearly 80 million people, and they have grown increasingly vocal in complaints about discrimination. In November, hundreds of Christians rioted in the capital, Cairo, smashing cars and windows after police violently stopped the construction of a church. The rare outbreak of Christian unrest in the capital left one person dead.

The bombing was the deadliest violence involving Christians in Egypt since at least 20 people, mostly Christians, were killed in sectarian clashes in a southern town in 1999. In the most recent significant attack, seven Christians were killed in a drive-by shooting on a church in southern Egypt during celebrations for the Orthodox Coptic Christmas a year ago.

Eruptions of Muslim-Christian violence are often intermeshed with local tribal or personal disputes. But many Christians also blame rising Islamic extremism and anti-Christian sentiment and accuse the government of always pointing the finger at lone renegades or mentally ill people to avoid addressing sectarian problems and possibly angering Muslims.

Archbishop Raweis, the top Coptic cleric in Alexandria, denounced what he called a lack of protection.

„There were only three soldiers and an officer in front of the church. Why did they have so little security at such a sensitive time when there’s so many threats coming from al-Qaida?” he said, speaking to the AP.

The possibility of involvement by al-Qaida or its sympathizers introduces a dangerous new element.

Egypt faced a wave of Islamic militant violence in the 1990s which peaked with a 1997 massacre of nearly 60 tourists at a Pharaonic temple in Luxor. The government suppressed the insurgency with a fierce crackdown.



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  1. moshe dayan said, on Ianuarie 2, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    prichindel, da si tu un justified ca stirea a aparut si pe blocu cela original. ai glaucom? oy oy

    • saccsiv said, on Ianuarie 4, 2011 at 10:01 am

      Măi Mihăiţă, ştirea a apărut la mai mult de o zi după ce am scris aici, şi la peste 2 zile după ce a apărut pe yahoo news, poate că era beat de revelion după ce a prăznuit ca un creştin adevărat şi nu a văzut-o.
      Dar ce a apărut pe blocu lu sacciv ? că doar 20 creştini morţi ? cine e responsabil ? el zice că al-kaiída, adică că toţi musulmanii sunt buni şi că mohamed e alah şi dumnezeu şi doar al-kaída sunt terorişti. E uşor să filosofezi din State despre Uniunea EVROPEANĂ (cu V ca şi ruşii/bulgarii dacă ai observat ce a scris idolu tău), sau cum stai tu locului şi mănînci căcat cu aluzia ta, dar te rog eu să mergi în Israel şi să te plimbi puţin cu autobuzu (sau aVtobuz cum ar zice saccsiv) să vezi atunci cine sunt cu adevărat musulmanii, şi care este interesul lor şi cum seamănă cu toţi distruşii ăştia cu codex alimentar sau care le e frică că-s filmaţi de guvern.

  2. gil said, on Ianuarie 11, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    fratilor imi este greu sa nu apar adevarul! este un cacat comentator care semneaza „el” si spune ca cei de stilul vechi fac botezul din nou ! si daca nu il fac sa si futa pe ma sa?de unde pizda ma sii stie? a vazut el asta ?? nu se satura de catolicii cu care se pupaceste si slujeste zi de zi,de comunismu pe care la slujit .. si se pricepe in fapte pe care nu lea vazut! dar ca sa nu zica ca bor ul din care face parte e aiurea sare cu gura ca altii sant naspa! problema ca daca vede ceva sa spuna dar daca viseza sa se duca la socola !!acuzatii d astea imaginare poate le are si cu ma sa pe care o viseaza cum ii pune bucile pe marginea patului..mai „el ” nu vii sa te juri tu sa blestemi tu pe cel care minte? fa un juramant din ravna pt adevar:ca sa l ia moartea pe cel care minte !! vrei?

  3. gil said, on Ianuarie 11, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    mitropolitul vladimir kgb care vrea canonizarea lu gafencu vrea si canonizarea lu mitr serghie cel dat anatemei d toti sfintii

  4. gil said, on Ianuarie 12, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    site ul :”crestin ortodox” publica un articul de sorginte ue isti cum ca pedeapsa cu moartea nu tine de crestinism!! sa ne spuna care e pedeapsa spusa de sfintii parinti in canoane pentru vrajitorie!!!asta ca un mic exemplu,deci canoanele spun clar ca vrajitorii sa fie omorati!!!! asta scrie in orice carticica de canoane ortodoxe !! adica sfintii parinti care au fost imparati au gresit cand au condamnat la moarte pe ucigasi….?au gresit sfintii asta ar insemna pt constiinta lor debila ca pot gresi si ei si tot vor ajunge sfinti!! ca asa au ei in balonu d sapun de pe umeri:ca biserica in anii trecuti:a gresit !! ma opresc aici si le doresc :…………… !!

    • ariveronica said, on Ianuarie 12, 2011 at 8:27 pm

      gil daca te enervezi prea mult ti se mareste ficatu si te programeaza astia la bucati de schimb…

  5. gil said, on Ianuarie 13, 2011 at 9:12 am

    la cati nervi mai am cred ca nu ma mai enervez d multe ori!! poate fi ceva destept la un prost? saccsivul din bor zice despre pedeapsa cu moartea: nu putem sa pedepsim cu moartea pe cineva caci nu stim sigur daca chiar a facut o sau nu !!! ma creier stircit vorbeste cu ucigasii sa aiba cate un procuror linga ei cand ucid,sa se filmeze cand ucid..dar si astea pot fi contrazise cu :procuroru minte,fimerea e o facatura..asa ca vorba ta:sa desfintam tribunaele, ne luam de gat ucisii cu ucigasii ca vorba ta”nu se stie!!ba scoate ti cacatul din cap ca pute!! pai daca nu o sa mai fie condamnari si nimeni nu va mai gresi ce nevoie mai este de judecata lui HRISTOS? ia spune i tu lui Hristos sa nu mai faca dreapta judecata ca de fapt biserica are in ea toate religiile si ca nimeni nu stie cine a ucis si sa fim toti gramada in rai!! ba saccsive dar esti pe locu 1 in topul dementilor! mai caisa stricata tu mai citesti din cand in cand ce spun sfintii sau citesti doar ce spune ala care te finanteaza?ba socolistule orice om greseste(asta nu inseamna ca nu trebuie sa se chinuie la maxim sa nu greseasca) si d asta va fi dreapta judecata !! ca cei pedepsiti pe nedrept sa fie indreptatiti …asta nu scriu pt saccsivu tzacanit ci pentru cei care se gandesc sa aibe aceasi gandire cu boul ala!!satanistul ala nu gandeste decat perfect invers decat spun sfintii si se da antisistem ca si valica dar pina la un punct cand isi ridica fusta n cap !fratilor sa nu ganditi ca o sa deveniti crestini citind bloguri numite ortodoxe ci o sa va indraciti !! ati invatat sa cititi puneti mana pe cartile sfintilor!

    • ariveronica said, on Ianuarie 16, 2011 at 12:29 pm

      …daca nu te mai enervezi atunci incearca sa nu mai versi.

    • nuca said, on Iunie 10, 2011 at 5:17 pm

      ai dreptate. blogul lui saccsiv in special, nu stiu despre altele, ca nu am fost, este un loc unde te indracesti. uitati-va si vedeti cata ura tasneste din orice comentariu. si deja stiu doua persoane care s-au schimbat urat din cauza acestor oameni si a manipularii zilnice

      • saccsiv said, on Iunie 11, 2011 at 8:35 am

        Toate articolele şi comentariile de pe blocul acesta care sunt scrise cu ură sau cu multe înjurături, au fost scrise imediat după ce eu şi ceilalţi am citit mizeriile lui Vasile Călin (SACCSIV). A fost chiar şi un caz cu un popă (Veniamin Ilie) care citind pe saccsiv a înjurat acolo iar apoi a intrat şi aici ca să înjure şi să scrie toate prostiile, la două zile după ce a scris aici l-am întrebat pe mess de ce, şi nu a avut bărbăţia să recunoască, spunea că altcineva a scris. E vorba de energiile negative pe care le transmite prin texte, se urmăreşte îndrăcirea cititorilor şi ruperea sau izolarea lor de societate. Dacă ai citit raportul psihologic despre pornografie cum afectează mental oamenii şi îi aduce în aşa stare încât nu mai pot întreţine raporturi normale ci numai perversiuni, acelaşi lucru face şi saccsiv transformând oameni normali în nişte paranoici ce cred că Ledy Gaga este ascultată de toată lumea, că elitele îi urmăresc pe ei chiar şi la toaletă, semne masonice peste tot, et cetera.

        • ariveronica said, on Iulie 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm

          in sfirsit niste comentarii adevarate, ca multi fricosi umbla azi pe pamint si zic Doamne pazeste da ar trebui sa scrie cu d mic ca domnul lor are coarne si nu stiu ca orice fraza care poate fi interpretata si altfel nu poate sa fie rugaciune…
          da cine e ledy gaga chestia aia care am auzit ca are coarne?
          semne sint peste tot dar nici unul nu are putere daca nu crezi in el..
          pai ar putea sa taie firele de curent din baie sii urmareste doar in dormitor ca acolo le place

  6. gil said, on Ianuarie 14, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    mi ar place sa vad cum niste canibali il ataca pe ROrtodox si atunci sai spun cuvintele lui: nu judec sa nu fiu judecat!faceti va treaba baieti !

  7. saccsiv said, on Ianuarie 25, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Dragă Vasile Călin Ahmed Saccsiv sau cum te cheamă, ai sărit ca înţepat, dar acum de ce nu zice nimic idolu tău ? să şti că eu vă cunosc şi să aflii că de cînd mă ştiu eu m-am pregătit pt asta, şi cînd o să vină momentu judecăţii ……… dacă aţi turnat la alah , deja sunteţi în atenţia Mosad.
    Şi ca să-ţi răspund la întrebare, chiar îmi doresc să fiu filmat de guvern mai ales cînd o să fiu pe veceu, nu am astfel de pudităţi şi nu mă agit ca voi cînd văd o femeie îmbrăcată normal sau că face armata. Ştiu că tu vrei să se îmbrace în covoare şi doar ochii să se vadă şi să poţi deţine cît mai multe, dar tu nu o să apuci aşa ceva.

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